What is couple therapy?

Having problems in a relationship is normal, but if those problem becomes difficult, it can be helpful to talk to a professional. That’s where couple therapy comes in! It’s a way to get support and guidance to work through those challenges and make the relationship better.

How does couple therapy work?

In couple therapy, the therapist helps couples find the reasons behind their problems and come up with solutions to fix them. They teach couples how to communicate better, change any bad habits, and understand what each person needs. The therapist might also give them tasks to do outside of therapy, like spending time together or working on specific issues they talked about.

What can you discuss in session?

Sometimes in relationships, people face challenges like not being able to communicate well, trust issues, struggles with intimacy, and feeling unhappy in the relationship. In therapy, couples have a safe space to talk about these issues and find ways to make their relationship better together. Couples also choose to go to therapy before getting married to build a strong foundation.

Can my partner attend the session together?

Yes! In couple therapy, it’s common for both partners to attend the sessions together. Sometimes, the therapist might also want to talk to each of them individually at some point, but they’ll discuss with both partners about it first. The important thing is to consult with your therapists with regards to the session arrangements.

Can the sessions be done online?

Yes! Aloe Mind offers couple therapy online too! Our clients have found the sessions really helpful, even during online sessions! Couples can still get the support they need from the comfort of their own space!

When should we consult with a couple therapist?

Couples can consult with couple therapy at any point in their relationship! It doesn’t matter if they’ve just started dating, have been together for a while, or even if they’re facing some challenges. Couple therapy is there to help them strengthen their relationship and work through any issues they might be facing.

What if my partner refuses to attend couple therapy?

In couple therapy, both individuals should be willing to attend sessions together. This is to make sure that both sides are heard and valued. This way, they can work together to make their relationship stronger and happier. If one partner isn’t ready, another option is to try individual therapy first, where they can talk about their thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive setting.

What are the benefits of couple therapy?

The goals of couple therapy can be different for each couple. It’s all about finding what works best the couple to make the relationship better. However, here are the 5 benefits of couple therapy:

  1. Better communication: Couples learn how to express themselves better, which means they can say what they feel and think in a clearer way. They also learn how to listen actively. This helps them have healthier and more positive conversations with each other.
  2. Closer relationship: Couples learn to work together to solve their problems. As a result, this can make them feel closer and more connected to each other. They learn to understand and support each other better.
  3. Understanding each other: Couples learn how to become more supportive and caring towards one another. This understanding strengthens their bond and makes their relationship better.
  4. Less stress: By working on their problems, couples can have less stress and tension, which makes their relationship happier.

Will couple therapy save my relationship?

Short answer: It depends. Long answer: The success depends on the conversations that the couple have with their therapist and how they apply any takeaways from the session into daily life with their partner. Couple therapy requires effort from both partners to work together inside and outside of the session.

If you and your partner are having problems in your relationship, couple therapy might be able to help. It’s important to find a therapist can create a safe space to work on making your relationship better. Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength!

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