In-person or Online therapy?

Online and in-person therapy ensures that people with different needs can get access to mental health support. Online therapy is conducted via phone call, text, email or video call (like Aloe Mind!) while in-person therapy happens in a therapist’s office. 

Here’re the differences between online and in-person therapy, and how to choose which one is for you!

Pros of online therapy

Less travel:

Online therapy allows you to have access to therapy with almost no hassle or travelling. It could also lower anxieties especially with sharing physical spaces and travelling such as via public transport.

More flexibility: 

Sessions can be held after work hours or during the weekends for those who have packed schedules. 

Less stigma:

Remain anonymous while getting mental health support. Nobody will know you’re getting therapy without you wanting them to know. There’s also the option of therapy without video for those who prefer to remain anonymous.

More cost effective:

Comparatively, online therapy costs slightly less compared to in-person therapy.

Pros of in-person therapy

Safe space:

A therapist’s office (like our centre) provides a safe space away from your daily life. A neutral space allows you to be more comfortable when sharing private information. Some people may not have their own room or private space to have sessions so going to a therapist’s office provides that. 

Read non-verbal cues: 

Therapists can read more non-verbal cues together with verbal communication to better understand your needs. 

Better rapport with therapist: 

You’re able to form rapport faster with a therapist as it’s in-person. For some, it’s easier to build trust with their therapist as they interact in-person. 

Less distractions: 

A therapist’s office is usually free from any distractions and allows you to focus better. Going for in-person therapy can help with home and also work distractions. 

Which is for me?

In-person therapy is for you if you are in need of a supportive and neutral safe space. This is also better for those who may not have a safe or private space of their own at home or for those who have poor internet connection. Direct, in-person therapeutic sessions can provide more intensive support for those who need it.

Online therapy is for you if you have a tight schedule or if commuting is a challenge. It allows you to seek mental health support with a therapist from the comfort of your own home. It is also more affordable.

At Aloe Mind, you can mix and match the type of sessions. 

Opt for an in-person session with your therapist when you’re experiencing more intense emotions, or book an online session instead if you have a tight schedule!*

We are located on Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

* subject to therapists’ availability.

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