What is a mental health screening?

First step towards therapy can be difficult and scary. An online mental health screening can help answer your questions about therapy ease your first step towards it. Keep reading to learn more about mental health screening.

It is a brief session

A mental health screening is a private session with a qualified therapist. It is 45 minutes long and done online. During this session, a therapist will review your online mental health test results, explore your symptoms, and provide recommendations on how to move forward.

No commitment required

Mental health screening process is brief and easy. You can understand your current mental health level without committing to therapy. This means that you can take the screening, understand the results and recommendations, and then decide if you would like to start therapy. It is that simple!

Understand your current mental health condition

A screening helps you understand your signs of depression, anxiety, stress and other issues. Your therapist will explain your mental health test scores and symptoms. By spotting these issues early, you can take steps to address them before they become more serious. Better now than never!

A starting point

Overall, a screening is a valuable tool that can help you understand your mental health, identify potential issues, and your next steps in your mental health journey. It’s important to remember that mental health screenings are not diagnostic. They only give you a general idea about your mental health, but it is a great start to seeking professional help!

How do I begin?

By booking a mental health screening with our qualified counsellors or clinical psychologists! If it feels right for you, go on and take the first step!

Our mental health screening sessions start from RM25 per session.

Book a session on our website or Whatsapp us at +60 17-803 8384!

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